We Are All Felicity in the First Peek at the DC/CW Mega-Crossover

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It’s very short, and it doesn’t give us much, but it’s enough to have us squealing alongside Felicity in agreement: Best superhero team-up ever.


The brief teaser doesn’t show much other than what appears to be Kara’s first introduction (beyond Barry, of course) to the wider world of the CW-verse, meeting Ollie and the Legends. And yet, it’s totally delightful to see Supergirl so... delighted.

Whether that “Heroes vs. Aliens” is just a tagline for the ad or the actual name the CW is going for for the four-part event—loosely based on the 1988 comic miniseries Invasion—but honestly, it’s the sort of simple, slightly camp sort of thing that works for something like this. Between this and last night’s utterly joyful photos, we absolutely can’t wait.


The event kicks off with Supergirl on November 28th.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I’ve not seen a single episode of Supergirl yet (honestly, it’s hard enough having the time to keep up with all the other shows I watch to add another one in) - there must be others in the same boat for this, or other shows, in the Legion of Super Flarrowverse - any chance of a primer article of some kind? CW Superheroes 101 so to speak?