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Grain, salt, etc., but rumor has it Warner Bros. would really like the hot-as-hell team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to direct the eventual big-screen debut of the Flash, starring Ezra Miller. But the duo are also courted to direct one of Sony's upcoming Ghostbusters films. So which one will they choose?


Honestly, they might not have to — The Flash movie is only tentatively set for 2018, giving the 22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie directors a decent amount of time to make one of Sony's Ghostbusters installments even if The Flash doesn't get pushed back. But there's still the question of how valid this rumor is. It comes from Latino Review's El Mayimbe on a video podcast hosted by The Wrap's Jeff Sneider, who didn't feel the need to write up the rumor himself. However, it's hardly a shock that Warner Bros. would be considering two extremely successful directors for pretty much any major summer movie they have in the works.

However, there is the possibility that they want Lord and Miller for their comic sensibilities, and that The Flash movie may be a bit less dour than the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe seems to be. I'm not sure how they'll square that with their "no humor" policy, but here's hoping Ezra Miller's Barry Allen at least gets to make a running pun or two.


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