Waze Drivers, Welcome to the Batmobile

The Batmobile in 1989's Batman.
The Batmobile in 1989's Batman.
Image: Warner Bros.

Waze, Google’s driving and traffic app, is letting users drive with Kevin Conroy, the best Batman voice, as their personal navigator beginning today.


According to DC Comics and Waze’s official Twitter, until October 31 drivers will be able to select the Batman: The Animated Series protagonist (Conroy) or the Batman: Arkham-era Riddler (Wally Wingert) as their navigation voice. That’s not the only cool thing. Waze will also swap your car icon in the app for a mini version of the Batmobile or the Riddler’s Racer. The resulting journey to, presumably, create or stop criminal acts can also be scored via curated Spotify playlists depending on the character you’ve chosen. Aptly titled “Drive With Batman” and “Drive with the Riddler,” the playlists feature memorable soundtrack cuts from masters like Prince, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman.

Since Waze knows that one of the best things about DC fandom is finding others to share your enthusiasm with, it will show you other mini Batmobiles and Racers nearby that are also using the app as you drive to your destination, though I’m not sure I’d want someone pulling up alongside me solely based on my affinity for a comic book.

The new Batman experience will be available globally in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Waze timed its cool little feature to coincide with Batman Day on September 19, DC’s annual homage to all things Batman, though it doesn’t actually coincide with the release of the first comic book appearance of Bruce Wayne, for reasons.

Nonetheless, we are left with one lingering thought: It’s kind of ironic that Waze, a driving app, is willingly putting characters that are not known for being the safest drivers (one of whom is an overt criminal) into people’s cars. Be safe out there, ya’ll.


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The Left Hand of the Son of Coul

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