Watson Will Break All The Bones In Your Body While Naming Them In The New Sherlock Teaser

There’s a new teaser out for the upcoming Victorian-era Sherlock special. In it, Watson will break all of the bones in your body while naming them, because he’s a doctor.


What I’ve found interesting about these teasers is that this upcoming special, The Abominable Bride, looks like it’s a bit of the origin story between Sherlock and Watson.

Either way, we’re excited.

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Looks like they’ve stopped ripping off Elementary and are going the Jeremy Brett route. I don’t mind. I like Brett’s take on Sherlock. It will be fun to see Moffat follow that route. I didn’t like Moffat’s Elementary take. It felt so out of character for this version of Sherlock. I know in the stories Sherlock was a drug user but in Moffat’s version, he was only addicted to smoking. That was his drug of choice. But then in series three, out of no where Sherlock was a full blown drug addict where no hint of him having a hardcore addiction was shown before. (Elementary’s Sherlock started the series as a recovering addict. Drug of choice? Heroin.) Then in Elementary, Moriarty who was not only a woman but Sherlock’s love turned out to be a killer mastermind. Turn to Moffat’s version where Mary Watson turned out to be an assassin as well. And again, in this version of Sherlock, it didn’t work. It felt like it was pulled out of no where. No, sir, I didn’t like it.

So, I am glad Moffat is going old school. Less Elementary and more Brett. And no, don’t go Guy Ritchie, Moffat. That take won’t work for you either.