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Watchmen's Third Volume of Outstanding Soundtrack Music Is Now Available Online

A very good egg.
A very good egg.
Image: HBO

We’ve made no secret of our love for HBO’s Watchmen, and one of the many elements that helped the show become such a powerful viewing experience was Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ unique, perfectly complementary soundtrack. The duo has just released a volume three, and yes, it includes that Bowie cover.


The rest of the 15 new tracks hint at plot points in the series, as expected (“A Man Walks Into an Intrinsic Field,” “Worthy of the Badge,” “Nothing Ever Ends,” and so on), and like the first two volumes, you can either listen to them digitally or pick yourself up the snazzy vinyl release (the latter, on the Nine Inch Nails website).


In a world full of uncertainty, where even the new Star Wars movie can disappoint a diehard fan, at least we got a show as near-perfect as Watchmen. And even if that second season never comes, at least we now have three volumes of exquisitely moody tunes to capture the searing truths and wonderful weirdness that made season one so special.

Seriously, that “Life on Mars?” cover will haunt you.

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Apocalypse Cow

I just flew for the holidays and listened to the first two and they were simply awesome. Now I’ll have all three for the trip home - *definitely* looking forward to that journey with these!

Now all I need is a soundtrack with some of the other selections used in the show — not everything was the original stuff and all of it was spectacular. Just need to fill in the blanks =)