Watchmen's Steamy Sex Scenes Are High-Five Worthy

We know how Zack Snyder put together the shiny blue god Dr. Manhattan, but what about the more personal scenes? We asked the cast how Snyder went about recreating the sexier panels. Warning: sexy spoilers...

While talking to Watchmen screenwriter, we asked him who was the scribe responsible for the hot and heavy Nite Owl (II) and Silk Spectre (II) that most certainly had to be in the film. Alex Tse laughed and simply said, "Zack ran with that one."


So what about Malin Akerman and Patrick Wilson, who played Spectre and Nite Owl respectively? What did they think about pulling down their costumes and adventuring all naked? And without blushing, the two shared with us just how intimate it was:

Malin Akerman: The end result is beautiful and done in a classy manner, it's really sexy and amazing... You need to check it out to see if it's gratuitous or not. I feel like this is such a beautiful scene. And I know you'll be surprised when I say he's very respectful, because he's usually not [Laughs].

The set was amazing, they made it as comfortable as possible. And you know sitting there half naked, it's never the most comfortable thing, no matter who you're with. Of course, it's a big deal in a sense. But it's also the whole film is sort of the extent of what you go to as human nature, and that's part of what we do as people. You fall in love, and you make love. If it's done beautifully, I'm in.


Patrick Wilson: I think everything sort of starts with the script. There are a couple panels in the comic that demanded nudity, of some sort. We talked with Zack about how he wanted to shoot, specifically, the sex scene in the Owl Ship, and what he wanted to show, and what he wanted to show about the characters. In the end, yes, not only is it beautiful and classy and visually interesting, it's also funny and a great release (ha ha ha, pun intended).

But that's sort of the point of it all. I sat there with my wife and we were both sort of astonished and laughing. She literally high-fived me at the end of the scene. [Laughs] Because it was so important for those characters. Honestly it felt like you were sort of cheering like, "thank god."


And the other side of it is, you never see it in these types of movies. It's not just the nudity, but you never see it, and that's the thing with this script and this movie that you try to, without being presumptuous about it, the whole point of this comic, when it came out, was going as far as you can in that genre. I feel like that is what this movie does. It goes that far with violence, it should go that far with the love scenes, and that far with the language and that far with the humor. I think that's sort of the point of what you're aiming for, and I'd like to think that's what they were aiming for when they wrote the comic.


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