Watchmen's Next Episode Looks Like It Will Change Everything

Regina King as Angela Abar.
Regina King as Angela Abar.
Image: HBO
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Watchmen’s intricate story about intergenerational trauma, police brutality, and a world forever changed by Ozymandias’ twisted plan to bring about peace has been shrouded in a mystery that’s begun to make more sense with each and every episode. With only four installments left to go this season, Watchmen’s entering its narrative endgame territory.

The promo for “This Extraordinary Being” makes it seem as if it’s going to be the type of episode that fundamentally changes the way we all understand the series as a whole. Unlike the rest of the season, “This Extraordinary Being” is almost entirely in black and white, nodding to the fact that Angela just downed an entire bottle of her grandfather Will’s Nostalgia, a drug that might kill her in the process of giving her access to his powerful memories.

Will’s past and Angela’s present blend together in her mind and the end result appears to be yet another devastating truth that reveals something about as-yet unknown plan that’s soon to begin taking place in Tulsa.

Watchmen airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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I really really like how this show is going. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and engaged through the beginning of the series.