Watchmen's Home Edition Wants To Be Your Friend

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Warner Bros. have announced their plans for the home versions of Zack Snyder's much-hyped Watchmen, and we'll tell you right now: You'll want to skip the "standard version" DVD, and head online to Facebook, instead.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie will be released as a "Standard Edition" DVD, a "Director's Cut" DVD, and a Blu-Ray version offering the Director's Cut and all manner of special features... including the ability to sync up with Facebook and nerd out with other people watching the movie at the same time without having to, you know, actually be in the same room as them:

In an industry first, Warner Home Video is set to announce a plan to sync up "friend" networks on Facebook with the interactive community-screening features of Warners' Blu-ray Disc releases, starting with the release of "Watchmen Director's Cut."

The studio partnership with the social network Web site will use the BD-Live interactive feature on high-def discs, allowing "Watchmen" purchasers to view the film simultaneously and share comments with their Facebook friends.


But that's not all; the movie will also be simultaneously released on iTunes, Amazon on Demand, as well as PPV on television, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, although in different formats (Only iTunes and Amazon will be offering the Director's Cut, at least to begin with). Weirdly enough, the Standard Edition DVD will feature only the theatrical version of the movie, lacking any bonus features whatsoever; for DVD owners, the only place to find them will be the Director's Cut special edition, which offers a second disc of bonuses (including director commentary) for just six bucks more. Given that choice, why would anyone buy the Standard Edition?

The release date for the discs hasn't been finalized, but is expected around this summer's San Diego Comic-Con, at the end of July.

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Has it really come to this? I mean people joke about the internet replacing "real" friends, but now you are sitting in your apartment watching movies with your blog buddies?! You can't even get them over to your place? Do you have virtual beers?