Watchmen's First 20 Minutes Described, Plus New BSG Clips

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We don't force anybody to look at spoilers, unlike some people. (Spoilery link!) Your own curiosity compels you to read spoilers for Watchmen, Iron Man 2, Doctor Who, Lost, Dollhouse, Transformers, BSG, Smallville and Lost.


The first 20-odd minutes of this film showed at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon festival, and it's pretty close to the book. After the credits, we see the cops on the street near the Comedian's apartment discussing his murder. Then the camera pans past a figure with a "End Is Near" sign, then up to a panoramic view of the alternate-history NYC, complete with zeppelins and a Gunga Diner balloon.


Rorschach's narration starts, and he rappels into the Comedian's apartment, looking around at his weapons cache. The picture of the Minutemen in the Comedian's apartment turns into the same picture in Hollis Mason's home, where Nite Owl I (Hollis Mason) is reminiscing about his old-school superhero days to Nite Owl II (Dan Dreiberg.) Hollis asks Dan if he misses it, and he lies and says no. The camera lingers on the sign for Hollis' auto body shop, obsolete models a specialty.

Dan goes home to find his door has been kicked in, and Rorschach is in his kitchen, eating beans. They talk about the Comedian's murder (Rorschach makes the joke about "human bean juice") before going down into Dan's basement. Dan says it's not a mask-killer, and tells Rorschach: "Watchmen are over." As Rorschach leaves via a subway tunnel, Dan asks what changed, and Rorschach says, "You quit." Dan's left sitting before his costume display case and looking at the Comedian's bloody pin. [CHUD]

Iron Man 2:

Don Cheadle speculates that the character he's taking over, James Rhodes, will be in a suit of power armor this time around. And Rhodey becomes more integral to the story of Iron Man as the saga goes along, not less. [IGN]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Still more toy spoilers. The Jetfire toy packaging identifies him as a Decepticon, but fans still think he switches sides and becomes an Autobot during the movie. Meanwhile, there's a toy for Springer, a G-1 Transformer who has a relationship of sorts with Arcee, the triple-motorcycle Transformer. It may just be a bonus toy, or it may indicate the triple-changer Springer is actually in the movie. [Transformers Live]


Battlestar Galactica:

New promos let you know what questions you should really be asking. (Is it just me, or does this really push you towards Dualla being the final Cylon?) [Battlestar Blog and Battlestar Blog]


And here's a new clip. By the way, the "Sit down Cylon" line appears to come from an already released clip where Adama confronts Tigh in his quarters, and they just dubbed that in to frak with you. [YouWillKnowTheTruth]

Also, the webisodes will help to explain some decisions Gaeta makes in the second half of season four, says writer Jane Espenson. We'll learn some of Gaeta's backstory in a very satisfying way. And the webisodes also explore being in (very) cramped quarters with Cylons, and how suspicions and secrets flare up when bad stuff starts happening. [Sci Fi Wire]


Doctor Who:

And here are a couple of new pics of the Cyber-attack in the graveyard, from the fanatically awaited Christmas special. [Daily Mail]


Dervla Kirwan says she plays "an evil woman in charge of the Cybermen." [Telegraph via PlanetGallifrey]


It will be "extremely" difficult for the Oceanic Six to get together and go back to the island, says Jorge Garcia. "Major complications will ensue" when the sixsome tries to travel to the island together, so the escapees may have to travel back separately. [TV Guide]


We'll finally meet Jack's grandfather (played by Raymond Barry from Born On The Fourth Of July) in episode seven. [EW]

Also, episode 5x12 will introduce us to Graham, a British SVP at a major financial company, jockeying for the CEO position, and he's ready to come into his own and be a leader. (Wondering if they came up with this storyline back when people still wanted to be CEOs of financial companies.) [SpoilersLost]


Daniel Dae Kim says halfway through shooting season five, he and on-screen wife Yunjin Kim still haven't had a scene together. [TV Guide via SpoilersLost]


Here's a cute new pic, from the cover of SFX. [SpoilerTV]



Joshua Jackson talks about the Bishops' father-son relationship and teases some upcoming revelations about his character's childhood. [Fringe Television]



You'll be shocked — shocked! — to hear that Sylar didn't die in Monday night's episode. He'll emerge from the wreckage, and set off on a quest to find his powers, and the truth about his real parents. Also, the blonde character who will appear to die, but actually not be dead, is not Elle. This hasn't happened yet, but it will happen to a character who deserves a second chance because she rocks. And Hiro still lacks powers. [E! Online]



In that upcoming episode where a magic spell turns Chloe into Lois, there's a scene where Clark stares lovingly into Chloe's eyes — but only because he thinks she's Lois. This is the moment when Chloe realizes how hard Clark has fallen for Lois. [EW]


Also, what happens when Lana comes back? Kristen Kreuk explains:

Lana is coming back after being away for a long time. The audience gets to find out what happened to her, what occurred during that time period. She’s very different when she comes back. Then she gets a beautiful send-off. She’s been a victim for so long, so she gets a beautiful send-off as a hero that her fans will really, really like.


And she says if there is a season nine, you won't see her in it. [Fearnet]

Pushing Daisies:

Bryan Fuller is reworking the last episode to give you a bit more closure. [EW]

Knight Rider:

Do you care? Do you, really? If you do, then Billy from BSG wants to share some spoilers in a video interview. Do it for Billy. [KRO]


Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.

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