You may feel overwhelmed by hype for next year's Watchmen movie already, but at least you don't feel as if the very existence of the book itself is mocking you. Sadly, one comic book editor in the 1980s wasn't able to say the same.

At this weekend's Watching The Watchmen panel at Comic-Con, Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons shared the image below - A message from Marvel Comics editor Archie Goodwin about the groundbreaking comic book that Gibbons and writer Alan Moore had produced for competitors DC, scribbled Rorschach-style, on a defaced bag from a local grocery store:


Goodwin, who returned to DC Comics a couple of years after this message, was one of the most highly-regarded figures in comics until his death from cancer in 1998; good-natured, a talented writer and artist and considered one of the best editors the industry has ever seen, he was responsible for Marvel's Star Wars comics (as well as writing the newspaper strip version), the first English-language version of Akira, early American editions of the work of Moebius, as well as many classic Vampirella stories.

Image courtesy Comiquero.

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