Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern book series has garnered generations of fans. Now it's about to be translated for the screen by the screenwriter for Watchmen and X2, David Hayter.

According to Deadline, producer Steve Hoban has been itching to make a Pern film forever. And now David Hayter has been hired to write the script based on Dragonflight, the first book in McCaffrey's 22-book series.


This will no doubt be a hugely expensive movie, since in McCaffrey's world the dragons are different colors, shapes and sizes. Plus they speak through their minds and depend on the humans just as much as the humans depend on them. In the first few books, the dragons are tasked with saving the world of Pern from an airborne attacker in spore form called the Thread. But the McCaffrey books are set after dragon-riding has fallen out of favor.

Is this the first of many more lavish book adaptations to come? Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars will be out in 2012, Game of Thrones premieres this month, and now dragons? Could Hollywood be hitting a fantasy boom soon?