Fox and Warners have reached a settlement in their lawsuit over the rights to the Watchmen movie, but exactly what that settlement actually is is remaining a secret... for now, at least.

Both studios will formally present their settlement to Judge Gary Feess tomorrow morning and request that the court case be dismissed, according to reports. While terms of the settlement are not being released, Fox will not be involved in the distribution of the movie, nor will it make any claim to the Watchmen property moving forward, apparently (although it is believed that the studio will share in profits from the movie's release). Neither studio is confirming the settlement; Warners are refusing to comment, and Fox deny that a final deal has been reached.


Part of Warners' cash may come from the pockets of producer Larry Gordon, whose involvement with the property brought about the rights confusion in the first place; Warners are rumored to be looking at ways to make Gordon pay the studio's legal fees for this case, including possible court action.

Nonetheless, one thing is now known; barring any more unexpected lawsuits, Watchmen will be released March 6th as planned.

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