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Watchmen Screenplay Adaptor Sets Sights On Another Comic

Illustration for article titled Watchmen Screenplay Adaptor Sets Sights On Another Comic

David Hayter isn't letting the Watchmen feedback get him down. He's ready to translate another graphic novel to the big screen, and this time he's got zombies. Comic Deadworld is going to be made into a movie, with Hayter's help.


Benedict Carver, Pandemonium's Bill Mechanic and Hayter are all teaming up to bring Deadworld to life, of which Hayter has said:

"It's very much about the design of the Deadworld and creating cool, frightening but not necessarily gory creatures," Hayter said. "I am a huge fan of zombie mythology."


The book takes place months after zombies have totally taken over the planet. There's no telling which storyline they'll pull out of the book's rich tapestry, but I quite enjoyed the husband-and-wife story, where she's still alive and he's a zombie.


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Just to give the dead horse one more kick, this guy only gets as much press as he does because he's Solid Snake. But at least he isn't acting anymore.