Watchmen Producer Picks Up Echo

Brace yourself for another hottie superheroine. Lloyd Levin, one of the producers behind Watchmen, has picked the rights to Terry Moore's Echo. The gorgeous comic follows Julie, who is forever changed after coming into contact with a secret military experiment.

Julie Martin, a glamorous photographer, gets showered with the remnants from a secret military battlesuit. The metal bits stick to her body, giving her super powers. Soon, the government discovers her whereabouts and sends their lovely thug, Ive, to go and fetch Julie.


According to Variety, Levin now has the rights to the film. So can another comic-book fan base sign on for a live-action adaptation that's being produced by the Watchmen producer? It sounds like Hollywood gold: hot ladies with super powers, minus the silly superhero antics. But still, it's relatively unknown by the masses. But then again, gorgeous women who pull more from the Buffy character than say, Halle Berry's Catwoman, would be a welcome change. And did we mention the ass-kicking?

The next logical question is: who's gonna play Julie?

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