Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Today's spoilers include shiny Watchmen images. Guess which bots are back in Terminator 4! Plus a revealing Transformers poster. Shocking twists on Lost and Heroes. Plus Dollhouse, Battlestar, Stargate and Sarah Connor. Spoiler your weekend!


While you're waiting to see if this movie actually comes out, Total Film has a bunch of awesome new photos. More pics, and bigger pics, at the first link. [Total Film via Bad Taste]





Transformers: Revenge Of the Fallen:

Here's a new one-sheet for the transforming-robot sequel. Is this our first look at the Fallen? [Yahoo! Movies]


We've been avoiding toy spoilers, but now we're finally hitting rock bottom with candy spoilers. The new Transformers 2 tie-in M&Ms confirm that "the Twins" are a pair of Autobots, known as Skids and Trax. (And one of them is that Chevy Beat.) "Skids" and "Trax" are the sleaziest names I've ever heard, and they bring to mind the image of heroin addict in dirty underwear or something. Doesn't that make you want some candy? (Bigger pic at the link.) [Transformers Live]

Terminator Salvation:

Does the new movie bring some much-needed punch back to the Terminator franchise? Ask star Sam Worthington: "This is an apocalyptic fairytale filled with characters fighting under the most trying circumstances. And it features fuck-off killer robots to boot. What do you think?" ("Fuck-off killer robots" is my new catch-phrase, which I will use in every conversation today.)


The new installment is a war movie (think Apocalypse Now) and is the origin of John Connor as a leader. We meet Kyle Reese some 10 years before he travels back in time to save Sarah Connor, and he definitely doesn't die in this movie. But Bryce Dallas Howard can't promise the same of her character, Kate. Most importantly, the Hunter-Killers are back for sure. [Total Film via Sarah Connor Society]


Battlestar Galactica:

Someone thinks Felix Gaeta's boyfriend, Lt. Hoshi, is the final Cylon, based on a red flash you can see on his visor during one of the webisodes. [Pmpub]

Tahmoh Penikett confirms he's not in the TV movie, "The Plan," which focuses on the Cylon version of events we've already seen. (Just in case you were clinging to the idea of Helo as the final Cylon.) [TV Guide]



Penikett also adds a little detail to the Dollhouse picture. Yes, people think the Dollhouse is an "urban legend" and it's not real, but absolutely everybody in L.A. has heard of it and people talk about it all the time. Penikett's character, Paul, is investigating the Dollhouse because he's ambitious and wants to advance in the FBI. And as you've probably gleaned, he's recently divorced and has no real friends. [TV Guide again]


Michael Emerson says he's seen Sterling Beaumon, who plays "Young Ben" hanging around the set, so we should get more Ben backstory soon. And he explained how Ben is afloat in time and space:

When these wormholes are passed through, I don't think they are purely temporal. They are temporal and geographical. When Ben pushed the donkey wheel and moved the island, he moved in time and space. His next waking moment he's in his parka in the middle of the Sahara. And that's not only a great distance but he calculated it was like a year and a half later. But I don't think he has any control of that.


And we'll soon see that Ben has not lost his capacity "to take a licking." (Trying very hard not to read that as a double entendre.) [Three8Six]

Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsale was dying to know what happens to Hurley, so Jorge Garcia answered her "Celebrity Question." Hurley starts out on the run with Sayid, but in the second episode, Hurley "takes center stage" and reunites with his dad and Ana-Lucia. And then in February, Hurley hangs with Jack and Ben. Later in the season, Hurley will bond with Miles (the Freighter guy) over their shared ability to talk to the dead. "We may have a similar gift," says Hurley. And there will soon be a new dead person among the Losties for Hurley to talk to. [TV Guide via SpoilersLost]

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a picture (which I can't scan right now, sorry) of Sawyer and Juliet being threatened by soldiers. More mentions of Constantly Shirtless Sawyer, and more hints that danger will bring Sawyer and Juliet together. (What are Sawyer/Juliet shippers called? Sawlieters? Jawyers? Jewelers??) [EW]


Here's a new promo that shows a bit more mayhem:

And a new Israeli promo, in case you're wondering how it's marketed there:


An unnamed star, who's been with the show since the beginning, wants to leave at the end of this season, and the producers have indulged him/her with a big "death" somewhere in the last few episodes of season three. (But NBC is unlikely to let this person out of his/her contract.) If he/she does come back in season four, there's an easy way to undo the death in question. It's someone a lot of fans would actually be sad to see leave. Any guesses? [E! Online]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Star Thomas Dekker says the show gets more plot heavy in the remaining nine episodes, and there are tons more revelations. And is it just me, or is he hinting that the season ends with some kind of major change to the status quo, which would turn it into a "whole new show" in a third season, if one happens? (Sort of like the end of Angel season four, I guess.) [JoBlo]

Stargate Atlantis:

Not sure if this counts as a spoiler, but David Hewlett explains what he'd like to see happen with his character in an SGA TV-movie: "Maybe some God-like powers... . Maybe a planet of just women. Now I'm going back to the old Star Trek episodes! (Laughs)." [TV Guide]


Also, apparently tonight's final episode includes a plot device that was old when Independence Day stole it from Star Wars. [Reading Eagle]

True Blood:

Also in this week's print edition of EW: Alan Ball says Sookie and Bill will jet to Dallas and help the local bloodsuckers to find their missing sheriff. But they're stuck with a third wheel: Jessica, because Bill made her, so he's responsible for her. Also Lois Smith's Gran returns in flashbacks. And Sookie's brother Jason will get involved with the nefarious Fellowship Of The Sun, because he realizes something's missing in his life. [EW]