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Even though original Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons warned DC against making a sequel and we all know Alan Moore is going to hate it, rumors suggest the DC Comics' new leadership thinks Watchmen 2 is a dandy idea.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that now that Paul Levitz is stepping down from DC, his stringent policy of no new Watchmen material via comics, books, movies or even video games will soon be overturned. Writes Rich Johnston:

I understand now that this [the Watchmen sequel is] considered a pet project of Dan DiDio, SVP-Executive Editor. That he is determined to impress new bosses by building on DC's biggest selling comic book of all time with multiple prequel comic miniseries and spinoff ongoing projects.

Don't think anyone worth a darn would be willing to attach their name to this monstrosity? Think again:

While some creators are reticent, the argument goes if there are a number of Watchmen spinoff projects, any blame or shame can be spread on many shoulders. The sales are expected to be massive, whatever the hardcore fanboy reaction, and such expected sales benefits will be shared amongst the creative teams.


That just makes us feel as dirty as the NSFW Watchmen fanfic. This undertaking is a poisoned chalice, unless Gibbons is involved, or both Gibbons and Moore publicly come out in favor of it — and we're not holding our breath for that to happen.


When we last interviewed Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons he was pretty cut and dried about the idea of a Watchmen sequel:

If they want to make a prequel or sequel, there is nothing I can do to stop them from doing it. On one occasion, DC was very tempted to do a spin-off or sequel, but wiser heads prevailed. If you add anything to Watchmen, you're not adding to it, you're diluting it. It's not like a Batman movie, where you can add to it. I don't think you'd see me on stage at a Comic Con talking about a sequel or a prequel and I don't think you'd see Zack Snyder either. [The] general consensus, is leave well enough alone.


There you have it, everyone thinks it's a bad idea — so naturally, it will get made.

And what about a Hollywood sequel? Well, sadly, it's not impossible, since all the actors in the Warner Brothers Watchmen film contracts commit them all to a sequel. So there's always a chance. Thankfully Zack Snyder isn't game for another, so they'd have to find someone else to direct An American Travesty: Rorschach Goes West.


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