Watching Two Pacific Rim Uprising Mechs Punch the Crap Out of Each Other Is Very Satisfying

Image: Pacific Rim Uprising (Legendary via Yahoo)

Giant robots, as we’ve previously established, are good. Multiple giant robots? Even better. Multiple giant robots fighting each other? The best.


We still have no idea why Pacific Rim Uprising—a movie ostensibly about a team of giant mechs working together to punch giant monsters in the face in the name of protecting humanity—is featuring some hot robo vs. robo action. Some of the trailers have hinted at nefarious humans who’ve been working to bring the Kaiju back to Earth after the events of the first movie saw them seemingly defeated for good, but this double-sword-armed villainous Jaeger (called Obsidian Fury, just to let you know that it’s eeeeeviiiiil) and its role in the story still remains a mystery.

That said, Yahoo has a clip up of the main Jaeger of Uprising, Gipsy Avenger (piloted by John Boyega and Scott Eastwood’s characters, Jake Pentecost and Nate Lambert) going up against Fury for the movie. Even though we have questions as to why it’s happening, it turns out it’s just as fun to watch robots punch each other as it is watching them punch giant monsters:


That. Is. Excellent. Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters March 23.

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I’m still not really feeling this, as someone who absolutely loves the first film. I dunno, I’m almost certainly gonna see it regardless of how the trailers make me feel - I really like that first film - but something about the way the mechs move just isn’t doing it for me like the first one did...

Oh, and the music, so far, seems kinda terrible next to what we had in the original.

The dialogue’s still goofy as fuck, so at least that’s something. Still bummed Mako’s not actually in a Jaeger this time around, though... (Unless, of course, the plan is for some 11th hour, ‘the commander joins the field!’ sorta shenanigans, which I would be completely onboard with.)