Watching The Simultaneous Release Of 11,000 Marbles Is Pure Bliss

Ever seen a “marble tsunami?” You have now.

Here are the specs of the Big Marble Run Machine, as provided by its developer, Jelle Bakker.

  • Number of marbles total: around 13,000
  • Number of paths: 4
  • Number of tipping containers: 4 (10, 120, 1070 and 10,600 marbles)
  • Construction started: 20 april 2015
  • Construction completed: Expected begin june 2015 (only need some finetuning)
  • Dimensions: L= 10 m (33 feet) W= 1,2 m (4 feet) H=1,8 m (6 feet)
  • Location: Monkey Town (indoor playground), Gouda (NL)

The sound of 11,000 marbles coursing down the tracks was so deafening that Bakker has decided to equip the machine with noise damping housing and glass panels on the front.


H/t Digg Video!

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I hope the designer didn’t lose their marbles while making that thing!