Watching Swamp Thing Beat the Crap Out of Damian Wayne in Injustice 2 Is Immensely Satisfying

Two new trailers for upcoming DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2 have popped up over the last two days, showing Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy smacking around other super-folk. I hope this game has those two plant-loving super-folk submitting to the unspoken passion in their hearts.


Like its predecessor, Injustice 2 will feature oodles of DC superheroes and supervillains fighting for control in an alt-universe where Superman rules Earth as a near-indestructible despot. Swamp Thing was revealed yesterday...

...and today’s trailer features some of the game’s female characters because it’s Valentine’s Day or some nonsense.

Both Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy look to have ridiculously over-the-top super-moves, of course. They also have a hatred of Batman’s son in common. Guys, a fling between Alec and Pamela would totally work.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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Wouldn’t mind Animal Man showing up now, to be honest. Would be nice to have avatars of the red and the green both in the game.