Watching Archer Outmaneuver Kingsmen's Eggsy Is Supremely Satisfying

Image: 20th Century Fox via YouTube

During today’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel, Fox premiered a new digital short, a delightfully fun crossover where Kingsman’s Eggsy (Taron Egerton) runs into world’s-greatest-spy-but-also-kind-of-an-idiot Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), where the two secret agents do what they’re best at: being dapper and acting kind of dickish.

While Archer has the upper-hand for almost the entirety of the encounter, the short ends with Eggsy challenging his American visitor to a gentlemanly drinking contest. The encounter ends up exactly like you’d think it would... which is to say someone ends up having a penis drawn on their face.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters September 22.


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