There’s something inherently timeless about watching a very moveable object get smushed by an unstoppable force.

This British Path√© video of a tank crushing a car in Toronto in 1918 was recently discovered by graphic designer and photographer Benjamin Moogk, who writes at his blog: ‚ÄúSeems that the idea of crushing cars with a tank happened as soon as the tank was invented and Torotonians were the first to enjoy this spectacle. I was amused by the photograph Fonds 1244, Item 733 [shown below], but this week it lead me to discover a lost piece of footage of Toronto shot on November 11, 1918.‚ÄĚ

After a bit of photographic sleuthing, Moogk concluded that the spectacle did indeed transpire in Toronto, and not ‚Äúsomewhere in the UK‚ÄĚ as noted by British Path√©.

More pics and neat historical background here.