Look, it’s Wednesday. The week’s half way done. Sometimes you just gotta watch a Dalek get absolutely blown to bits to see you through to the weekend, right?


This spectacular sight to behold comes from a new advert for next month’s Doctor Who Festival in London, an official BBC convention for the show that promises to take fans behind-the-scenes on making the series. Apparently, some of that includes a display from Real SFX, the show’s physical effects team, handily displaying their talents by making Skaro’s finest go kablammo. You can check out the full video of the Dalek’s demise, in glorious slo-motion, below:

Satisfying, isn’t it? Not nearly as calming as Dalek relaxation, but still.

Also interesting to note that the poor Dalek up for explosion was one of the much-reviled Paradigm Dalek designs—considering they didn’t make a return in this season’s Dalek-packed premiere story, it looks like they may be done for, resigned to the “get blown up to make cool videos” pile. Poor dears.


[Via Radio Times]

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