Last night's episode of Being Human was one of my all-time favorites. There was ghost-on-ghost violence, a new crazy lady vampire, and Nora finally snapping. It's about time. With each wispy sad-girl song and cheeseball voice-over this series is really starting to become the ultimate Syfy soap opera. And that's a good thing!

Plus watch what happens when you punch a ghost in the balls.


Last night, the werewolf shit finally hit the fan. Repeating Josh's intro from the Being Human pilot, it's now Nora's turn to awaken naked and confused covered in dirt and blood. Except she doesn't have the "this again" look Josh wore while slow-mo walking home in a stranger's dress. Instead Nora is horrified, as she should be. Her face coming out of this pile of leaves is quite perfect.

But before Nora can whap Josh on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, she's interrupted by Sally's new pack of ghost teens. Who are showing off by punching each other in the spirit nuts. Hooray! Actually this whole scene is just adorable. Especially when father Aidan shows up and offers up Scarface as an activity to entertain the mouth-breathing "Lost Boys." Note to Josh, Lost Boys are VAMPIRES, this is more or less a gaggle of Caspers. (Pushes glasses up nose.)

And meanwhile, in dimple-chinned vampire news, Aidan has dug up Dollhouse's Dichen Lachman, his new boss! But before she she can trasform back into her slender Nepalese form, it's a blood party in the basement. I actually really dug the blood party, especially the gross, crackly CG face reveal of Dichen (whose vampire name is Suren), and the song, the slow motion walking Aidan's gentle touch to the monster — it was up there with the time Marlena was possessed on Days of Our Lives. Just good soapy fun.


Clearly, these two have some sort of dark past, because Suren is all catlike laughy laugh when Aidan tells her he's "straight" now. And it gets darker as flashbacks with excellent historical vampire mustaches appear. Looks like Aidan and Suren went on a blood bender at one point. Who can know for sure, one thing we do know is Aidan's collection of vampire wigs and facial hair is finally back! Blessed be!

Then things take a turn for the serious, and Aidan starts dropping massive hints about their past — as Aidan reveals to Suren, "I haven't turned anyone since I last saw you. Because of what he did to you." What does that mean? Is this why Suren is crazy? I'm SURE we'll find out more.


But there's no time to dwell on the vampire mustaches of times past — because Nora's in the spotlight. Rightly so, as she's the last person on this series to live a normal human life, and all that's gone now. Josh and Nora decide to attend his Doctor School Party or whatever, in which Nora melts down and spills the beans about her miscarriage and everything else going wrong in her life, to a pack of strangers. We've all been there. Hopefully Nora will continue to spiral down into her own personal hell, as she's easily the most relatable character of the gang at this point. When you become a werewolf or experience a horrible personal loss, sometimes you snap. Last year I wasn't as impressed with this character, happy to see they've elevated her beyond "Josh's love interest."


And finally the whole thing ends up with Sally's new gang of friends. Ready to impress, Sally and her undead pals head to a party where Sally learns about some of her new ghostly abilities. Taking cue from Dylan she jumps into the body of an unsuspecting party-goer, and goes to town on some chips and beer "It's fizzy!" But when Dylan suggests they take their newly possessed bodies to the bedroom, Sally tells him to go straight to hell, because it's not her body. Rebuffed and pissed off, Dylan takes his anger out on Suicide Stevie. Forcing Stevie to use his ghost powers to basically evaporate Stevie's energy. Apparently there is something more dead than dead — losing your energy. Too bad for Dylan, try not to be such a dick next time.

All in all, good stuff Being Human, keep the vampire wigs and dramedy coming. If this is a high mark for the rest of season two, we're in for a fun time.