Watch What Happens Inside a Bubble When It Collapses

Watch a bubble annihilate itself by stabbing itself, splitting in two, and then dissolving into two tiny clouds of bubbles. It’s quick, it’s beautiful, and, with the accompanying explanation, it’s weirdly intuitive.


My favorite moment in this video of a bubble collapsing is the moment when the bubble seems to turn in on itself and turn into two different bubbles. It looks like one of those complicated CGI videos of a sphere inverting itself. You’re pretty sure physics is cheating, but you can’t entirely figure out how.

This one’s worth watching all the way to the end. As the movement gets slower, you get a better and better sense of what’s happening.


I still had to watch it three times, though.

[Source: Gallery of Fluid Motion]

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I thought this was going to be a video about the Chinese stock market.