Powered by ocean currents and geothermal technology, an imagined tunnel spanning the Bering Strait lets you travel from Alaska to Russia while enjoying rich underwater views and the hospitality of a city built beneath the sea.

Dozens of architectural firms submitted ideas to the International Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait Project, creating conceptual structures that would connect Alaska to Russia through the Bering Strait. Perhaps the most visually striking of the entries was the second place winner, from Paris-based firm OFF Architecture. Their conceptual eco-bridge spans the strait, protecting and maintaining its fragile ecosystem while offering stunning views of the wildlife. Tubes crossing through the largely underwater structure allow marine life to swim through, and living quarters and common areas look out into the ocean. At the same time, the bridge cuts through the strait's Big Diomede and Little Diomede islands, and the firm imagines a partially submerged city cut into the facade of those island cuts.

[Bustler via Inhabitat]



Site Plan



Section Zooms


Structure Axonometric



View from Tube

Interior Shot


Short Section through Diomede and Long Section through Diomede

City Built into Cut in the Island


Peace Park - A Footbridge from Big Diomede to Little Diomede