Watch ultra-light metal in action

Yesterday we told you about a new nanomaterial so lightweight that it can rest on the seed heads of a dandelion. Now you can watch this ultra-light metallic microlattice in action.


As the video demonstrates, the new material is surprisingly squishy for an ultra-light product, and yet is still lighter than even the lightest of aerogels. According to Tobias Schaedler, the materials scientist whose team developed the ultra-low density material, the structure's resiliency is due in no small part to its lattice-like organization — a property the researchers who created the material liken to that of, well, much larger examples contemporary design:

"The long term vision is to bring architecture that's responsible for modern buildings like the Eiffel Tower to the materials level," explained Schaedler.

Video by HRL Laboratories LLC via NatureNewsteam

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