Watch Two of The Tick's Bad Guys Bitch at Each Other

Image: Amazon

As symbolic representations of good and evil, heroes and villains kind of need each other. So far, we’ve mostly seen a bunch of do-gooders in previews of The Tick, but a new clip from Amazon’s superhero satire reboot features two of the show’s villains doing a terrible job of working together.

The ne’er-do-wells jawing at each other in the clip above are the electrically powered Miss Lint and Egyptologically-themed crimelord Ramses IV, played by Yara Martinez and Michael Cerveris. One’s supposed to be working for the other but, as you can see, that’s not going so hot. You can see what happened to Miss Lint’s eye and more of what they’re trying to accomplish when The Tick starts airing on Amazon Prime tomorrow.


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