Watch two grumpy National Zoo tiger cubs take their swim tests

Before they can become part of National Zoo's exhibit, Sumatran tiger cubs have to show that they can swim in the exhibits moat. Watch two unhappy cubs get their feet—and the rest of their bodies—wet.


The male and female cubs, named Bandar and Sukacita, were born on August 5th and took their swimming reliability tests earlier this week. Both cubs passed their test—keeping their heads above water and pulling themselves back onto dry land—with a firm side of "Get me out of this frakking moat." Can't say I blame them.

Head over to DCist for sad, wet tiger cub pictures.

National Zoo's Sumatran Tiger Cubs Pass Swim Test [DCist via Neatorama]



I love how Sukachita leapt back into the water when her caretaker got ready to scoop her up. Almost like "NO! I'm not going to you! You put me in the water!"