Watch two fairytale characters get turned on beating a man senseless

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Once Upon A Time is encroaching on Neil-Diamond-on-SNL "I killed a drifter to get an erection" territory. After a long break, the fairy-tale soap is back — and serving up a hot plate of bizarre sadomasochism. Spoilers ahead...


Honestly, not that much happens in last night's episode — but we got to spend some quality time with Robert Carlyle, and we can never complain about that. The Evil Queen gives Belle all her memories back. But instead of remembering that time she fantasized about making it with a magical crocodile man, Belle got her "curse" memories back. Enter Lacy the slutty barfly, who likes to shoot pool and drink — *GASP*! OH NO!

Basically, Lacy is the worst. Maybe. I dunno — I thought she looked like a lot of fun, until the scene where she watches Rumpelstiltskin beat some guy with his walking stick, and gets turned on. The twist is good: Lacy is evil, and while Belle brings out the best in Rumpel, Lacy brings out the worst. Yay for hot bad-guy sex. But no to watching them mutually get off while almost killing someone. Which... here just watch:

The idea itself is interesting, I'm just not in love with the execution. How are they going to top this date? A hit-and-run? Oh and there's a giant bean field, which definitely is not going to be used for evil in the final three episodes.


I love how Emma knew for all of five minutes about the beans before she totally fucking blew it. I'm normally pretty ambivalent about Emma, but DAMN she annoyed me last night. Yeah, Emma, act shocked about leaving your shithole life! Seriously, at what point wouldn't she just have shrugged her shoulders and gone "Meh, anything's better than here..."?

Also, props on the SNL reference. I love that sketch.