Watch TV commentators in 1994 have no idea what the internet is

In this 1994 clip from The Today Show, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are completely befuddled by the notion of the internet. We laugh now, but remember that we'll be the ones immortalized as rubes when psychic data clouds debut.

[Via TDW]

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The fact that they had no clue at the time is no surprise, but that's not what annoys me. The fact that this kind of pulp sells advertising is the shocker... Seriously, this is your conversation? And people watch this? Never mind the Internet. I would cringe at that conversation about any subject.

It also goes back to "pride in ignorance". Why do so many people almost pride themselves on being clueless. We're not discussing the effect of the quantum foam on neutron star formation here. In 1994, the Internet was not THAT obscure. You work in the NEWS business. Get a clue!

But I digress...