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Watch Tom Hiddleston Lose His Composure in the New High-Rise Trailer

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The first trailer for Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise was a fake ad for the titular building itself, focusing on the luxury it provides. This one is all about Tom Hiddleston’s Dr. Robert Laing and how living in the building goes for him. Based on the trailer, the answer is “not well.”


Now, we know that the voiceover is Hiddleston reading from the J.G. Ballard book that the movie is based on. Which does make us want that version of the audiobook. But it’s also sort of implying that Laing is referring to himself in the third person, which is never good.

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I already saw your butt Tom Hiddleston! I don’t need to see more of you naked.

Heh it looks interesting and kinda trippy. Is “White well to do guy snaps and we follow his descent” a genre? Kinda feel like it is.