Watch Tom Cruise Run for 18 Minutes Straight in Massive Montage

“I’m sorry, John, but you’re going to have to run again.”

Burger Fiction has put together a collection of what they claim is every Tom Cruise running scene ever, and it’s almost 20 minutes of vigorous exercise that’s making me check in on my own New Year’s resolution. Damn, Tom, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

Now, this isn’t the first Tom Cruise running montage we’ve seen, but I’d argue it’s probably the longest, with dozens of films on the list. The funniest part is that it really doesn’t matter what kind of movie it is, he’ll probably run at some point. You’ve got action and science fiction on the list, of course, but also romantic flicks and introspective dramas. I’m honestly curious if it’s just written into his contracts now: “Tom Cruise must run.”

Every time I put it on, and it’s been a few times now, I just imagine that weird girl from Minority Report screaming at him to go for another job.



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As another video maker once wrote: It is actually not that easy to convey running in a visually attractive manner in movies. Many people run sloppy and awkwardly.

Tom Cruise is one of those people who run super sexy in a convincing way that everyone of us accepts as “fast intensive running”. So they make him run as often as possible.

EDIT: I just realized he only perfected that skill in “Cocktail”. You can clearly see the change in jogging style from straight upper tights and floppy knee flaps to long strong steps.