Watch Three Brand-New Looney Tunes Shorts Courtesy of HBO Max

Tweety Bird, decorating cupcakes.
Tweety Bird, decorating cupcakes.
Image: Warner Bros.

HBO Max is an opportunity for Warner Bros. to flex its muscles, leveraging its long creative history to make the sort of shows and films that entice people to buy into a new streaming platform. Which means that fans of classic Warner animation get a special treat: New Looney Tunes. And the first episode of Looney Tune Cartoons, featuring three brand-new shorts, just premiered online.


It’s extremely classic Looney Tunes fare, with modern-ish twists. Tweety Bird decorates cupcakes; Elmer Fudd hunts Bugs Bunny and fails; Daffy Duck tries to take a nice stroll. It’s old-school stuff, but with sharp contemporary animation, a few fun flourishes, and a discourse on the glories of spit-gum, which is, apparently, a fruit.

As an introduction to a new era of Looney Tunes cartoons, they’re maybe a bit uneven, but absolutely have their hearts in the right place. And Daffy Duck continues to be the egotistical disaster we all need in our lives. Perhaps that’s enough.

HBO Max, along with more Looney Tunes, launches on May 27th.

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I give them A for effort. Really, it’s as good as anyone could do today. However, the golden age Warner cartoons were of their time, a once-in-a-lifetime unplanned confluence of corporate inattention, adequate budget, and stellar genius writers, animators, artists, voice actors and musicians; we will never see their like again. I’m glad someone is trying, but it just makes me miss Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc all the more.