Watch This YouTuber Build Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter With the Power of the Force--Er, Stop Motion

Image: YouTube

And, to be fair, it’s a Lego version. Still, this feat of creation is pretty amazing.

With the elegant veneer of telekinetic power, the Shanks FX YouTube channel gives us all a lesson in how to build the Ravager, Kylo Ren’s personal TIE Fighter, out of Lego. It’s a remarkably soothing look, too; seeing all the pieces slide out and come together of their own volition in jerky, playful stop motion, soothing music set behind it. The sound effects are killer, too.


If you’re still waiting to see The Last Jedi, this might help take the edge off. Now it all comes together. What a happy little Lego set.

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