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Watch This Trailer For The Anti-D&D Movie Dark Dungeons Or Satan Wins

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We previously brought you the news that Dark Dungeons, the legendary Jack Chick tract that exposed the sinister truth that playing Dungeons & Dragons is a one-way ticket to hell, was becoming a movie. Now behold the first trailer, and make a saving throw against the devil!


This movie looks fantastic, mostly because it appears to take the original comic so seriously. Granted, the Necronomicon and Cthulhu are new editions, but who cares when everybody's ready to RPG? R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G! R-P-G!

[Via Christian Nightmares]

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I'm guessing this is a joke. If it isn't I want to say, as a Christian, nobody I've ever met thinks this shit.