Watch This Talented Sculptor Make Thanos Magically Emerge From a Lifeless Lump of Clay

Validating the old adage that getting there is half the fun, Steven Richter’s pop culture-inspired busts are even more impressive when you get to see time-lapse footage of all the work that goes into turning a shapeless lump of clay into a recognizable character. This time, it’s the Mad Titan.


And despite what you might think about Avengers: Infinity War’s take on Thanos, Richter’s sculpt of a heavily make-up’d and CG’d Josh Brolin looks eerily lifelike once painted and adorned with custom-made armor. For this bust, Richter even created a custom pair of LED-powered glowing eyes that make Thanos appear even more intimidating, and make us even more impatient for April 27.




clearly the fine line between amateur and artist consists primarily of patience, as i’d have considered myself finished with my ben grimm bust in a fraction of the time it took him to make his thanos: