It's a feat worthy of Superman himself! Toymaker Mattel called upon DesignSpark to help bring a Man of Steel action feature at altitude of over 29,000 meters, or more than 18 miles above sea level — and they brought Supes safely back down again, too.


Note: The video dubs Superman's 29 kilometer achievement "the edge of space." Now, as always, I'm the least scientifically inclined member of io9, but it seems to me that pretty smack dab in the middle of the stratosphere, right? I know "where space begins" is pretty nebulous, but you'd at least want to get to the exosphere, right? Still, imprssive work, Superman. For your next trick I'd like to see you orbit the Earth counter-clockwise at about mach 5 or so. Okay?

[Via CBR]

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