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Watch This Short Animated Horror Film, Written By Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers' spooky campfire tale "Francis" first debuted on the radio program This American Life, and now you can watch the story of a girl's misadventure at a lake as an animated film.


This American Life invited six writers to create short stories on the theme of "adventure," and "Francis" is one of those stories. Richard Hickey directed this adaptation, adding a visual element to Eggers' radio story.

[via Short of the Week]

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Has anyone done a supercut reel of ALLLLLLL the many reasons why lakes are the worst for anyone who wants to grow old and die happy?? Honestly, I'll take the open ocean over a lake any day and despite the many horror movies that take place at sea (the Asylum's unlimited supply of goofy shark themed movies excluded), it seems like there's enough cinematic evidence that lakes are by far creepier and provide more awful ways to die/disappear.