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Watch this shark gorge itself on the body of a giant squid

Last Friday, fishing columnist Al McGlashan of Australia's Daily Telegraph discovered the carcass of a giant squid floating off the coast of Australia. Discoveries like this are uncommon in and of themselves, but two things about this particular find made it especially rare.


One: this squid was fresh. Judging from its vibrant color (squid carcasses are often rotten and off-white in hue by the time anybody finds them) and missing tentacles, McGlashen speculates it had recently come out on the losing side of a battle with a sperm whale, the massive invertebrates' only known predator.

Two: it was being devoured in massive chunks by a blue shark.

Watch the footage of the encounter up top. Read more about the find at The Telegraph


Video by Al McGlashen

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Chosen Undead

I'll be honest, I came into this expecting to see a shark devouring a humongous squid anaconda-style, and I don't know why.