Watch this robot perform a perfect quadruple backflip

Youtuber hinamitetu has engineered a squadron of robot gymnasts capable of executing flips, handsprings, and high-bar acrobatics. Bots capable of entry into other artistic events are sure to follow. In this, his latest video, one of hinamitetu's creations performs a flawless quadruple backflip and sticks the landing like Kerri Strug. Please, nobody tell DARPA about this.

Here's a highlight reel from the Horizontal Bar Gymnast-bot. Don't let the peppy soundtrack fool you – this machine is not to be underestimated.

Even the bloopers are impressive:

More gymnast robots over on hinamitetu's YouTube channel.

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I'll be sure to remember how cute we thought this all was 10-20 years from now when I'm huddled around a fire, eating a can of dog food with a stick, hoping the gymnastic hunter-killers don't find us.