Watch this polar bear cub take his first bath

This little cub has dealt with more than his share of struggle in his brief life. One of three male cubs born at the Toronto Zoo last November, he was the only one to survive more than 48 hours. When his mother had trouble nursing him, staff at the zoo's Wildlife Health Centre decided to intervene in the cub's upbringing.

Now, at a little over two months old, the cub is doing well. According to zoo staff, the as-yet-unnamed cub is making "fantastic" progress – little guy took his first steps just a couple weeks ago:

Zoo officials say he's still got some growing and developing to do before he joins the zoo's other polar bears in their main exhibit, but for once things are looking up for this adorable little guy.


[Toronto Zoo via MeFi]

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It's a shame polar bear are so expensive. I went at the pet shop to buy one last week, and they told me it would cost me an arm and a leg...