Japanese pianist Yoshiki faces off against a holographic version of himself in a piano battle for the ages.


This strikes us as a more inventive use of the whole holographic-performer schtick than, say, Will.I.Am's pointless CNN appearance in 2008. Still, I can't help but feel like we could do better. Here's some free advice: Somebody needs to find a way to rig up a looper pedal/projector system that not only captures and repeats sound, but holographic images. Can you imagine a stage full of 3D, holographic Reggie Wattses? Seriously, skip to 2:40 and JUST IMAGINE IT:

Don't try to tell me that wouldn't be amazing. Come on. Musicians. Get on that.

Yoshiki, an acclaimed classical pianist, performed at SXSW this year to promote his upcoming tour. Here's hoping his hologram accompanies him on the road.

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