Watch this penguin resort to adorable thievery to assemble the perfect nest

Male Adelie penguins are some of the most conniving little creatures on the planet. And we let them get away with it. Why? Because they're freaking adorable, that's why.


Come mating season, the penguins with the best nests are the ones most likely to attract a partner. This fact causes many of the birds to turn on one another and fight over the environment's limited resources.

But the shrewdest penguins—like the one featured here—adopt a more subtle approach. Just watch this crafty bastard work his magic; his furtive little glances are probably the most hilarious things you'll see this week.

This clip is from the BBC's forthcoming documentary series Frozen Planet (if you haven't seen the trailer yet, do yourself a favor and check it out). The series is produced by the same people who brought you Planet Earth and The Blue Planet, and will once again be narrated by David Attenborough (at least in the BBC versions). In other words, get excited.



Once believed to be mates for life, penguins have also been caught in adorable prostitution, accepting good nesting stones from other males while their hubbies are "away at the office".