Watch this meteor tear a hole in the Argentinian sky

This past Sunday, an audience attending a rock concert near Santiago del Estero in Argentina were treated to an unexpected pyrotechnics display.


The meteor, which measured about a half-meter across, flashed across the sky around 3:30 AM on April 21 and could be seen in central and northern Argentina. It blazed through the atmosphere at more than 130,000 kph (81,000 mph) where it eventually disintegrated about 65 km (40 miles) above the Earth.

Some witnesses say that, in addition to lighting up the sky in hues of green and yellow for about three seconds, it created a tremor and buzz similar to that of a shockwave that happens after an explosion.

The meteor was considerably smaller than the recent Chelyabinsk event, which featured a rock somewhere between 17 to 20 meters (55 to 65 feet) across.

Oh, and the band playing at the concert was Los Tekis.


Sean Malloy

If it burned up and disintegrated in the atmosphere, it's a meteor, not a meteorite; it's not a meteorite unless it hits the ground.