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Watch this mesmerizing timelapse of Hawaii's lava flows

Travel photographer Quang-Tuan Luong has put together this gorgeous video showcasing the active volcanoes of Hawaii National Park.


Even though he's photographed each of the 59 U.S. National Parks, this is Luong's first complete video — and it's a stunner.

He writes, "One of the most mesmerizing spectacles of nature I've witnessed is lava flowing to the ocean as clouds of steam rise from the meeting of fire and water. I stood mere feet away from the 2000°F lava. After everybody had left, I stayed to record the pulse of the flow over an entire night."


[Via Tree Hugger]

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James Davis Nicoll

Back in the 1890s, my great-grandparents decided to amuse themselves by taking a boat from Maui to the Big Island so they could trek down into the caldera and play with the active volcano. Someone who read the account commented that they expected to encounter a passage along the lines of "And it was at this moment I lost my darling wife of (x) years," but everyone survived unharmed. I was disappointed that the part authorities in 2011 when I was there were quite cool on letting us emulate my great-grandparents. Spoil sports.