Watch this insane breakdown of Stanley Kubrick's hidden narrative in The Shining

Film analyst Rob Ager has turned his focus on the "enduring and enigmatic enigma" of The Shining in an attempt to uncover the cryptic narrative tucked betwixt Stanley Kubrick's strange inconsistencies and the meaning behind the infamous black-and-white shot.


Titled Kubrick's Gold Story, here's how Ager describes his endeavor:

Using unpublished info from the Stanley Kubrick Archives as a key source, Kubrick's Gold Story is a film analysis that uncovers economic themes encoded in The Shining with regard to gold vs fiat monetary systems.

What's Woodrow Wilson got to do with it? It's a total trip! Here's the whole breakdown, starting with Part I...

Part II

Part III

Part IV



I remember in high school how an English teacher wanted us to understand how The Wizard of Oz was a veiled reference to bimetallism and the gold standard.