Watch this hyper-detailed video analysis of the ending of The Thing

If you've never seen John Carpenter's The Thing, stop reading right now and go rent the damn movie. We're getting into big ol' spoilers for a movie that holds up remarkably well 30 years down the road.

For those of you who have seen this flick, you may appreciate this video breakdown by Rob Ager. In this two-part YouTube series, Ager considers whether or not Childs (Keith David) is infected by the movie's end.

Ager's interpretation certainly gives MacReady's final quote ("If we've got any surprises for each other, I don't think either one of us is in much shape to do anything about it.") a whole new bad-ass subtext.


Hat tip to Morgan!

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Hmm dunno if I buy this clothing thing, so to speak.

#1 Childs is wearing a lighter coat at the end because... it's a dimly lit shot and it's more visible. But the coat rack shot does make a compelling argument.

#2 Blair goes nuts and destroys the comm equipment, but then puts on a coat when he's put in isolation? I think he was probably, slowly, consumed by cells that got on him or under his fingernails but it took longer than a direct takeover.

Still an interesting theory, and I never noticed the keys being dropped.

And if you haven't, do listen to the commentary, it's awesome. Carpenter is throwing back scotch with Russell and lighting up ciggy after ciggy, it's an entertaining listen.