Watch this German village get trounced by a freak hail storm

Whoa, this is definitely not a storm you'd want to get caught in. This past weekend, a German town in Lower Saxony was absolutely pummelled by hail stones the size of tennis balls. Damage is estimated to be in the millions.


The storm, which hit on July 28, struck the German village of Wassel. Eyewitness reported abnormally large stones that damaged roofs, windows, garden furniture, and vehicles.

Watch this car get owned as it's being driven through the storm. Scheiße is right.

A view of the storm hitting a soccer pitch:

Another view of the storm and the resulting damage to the village.

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Alex Cranz

Having been in something that catastrophic scheiße is indeed accurate.

Though I was twelve and content with wailing "we're going to diiiiiiie."

Also when I realized they all had tile roofs I wanted to fly to Germany and give 'em hugs. Yowch!