The Slow Mo Guys filmed a CD spinning up to 23,000 rpm at a genuinely incredible 170,000 frames per second. It's the highest frame rate they've ever employed on the channel, and it's pretty spectacular to watch. (For reference, the footage up top was shot at "only" 28,500 FPS.)

What most impressed me about this video – apart, of course, from the footage itself – is just how much data the camera puts down in the few seconds that it's recording. Shooting at a 170k fps, it captures 96 GB in the span of just four seconds, which is just bonkers if you think about it. Hosts Gav and Dan record at a few different speeds in this video, but if it's the 170k footage you're after, you can skip to the 5:30 mark for the business:

[The Slow Mo Guys]


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