Watch This Campy Series of Chucky Short Films to Learn More About the Killer's Backstory

Chucky and his bride.
Chucky and his bride.
Image: Universal Pictures

Let’s unravel the secrets of the Lakeshore Strangler.

Before Chucky was a horrible murderous doll, he was a fairly mundane serial killer, y’know, so far as serial killers go. He was also known for strangling people, an MO that is suspiciously absent from his actual depicted murdering in the movies. And where there’s a plot hole, there’s a fan film, which is where the second part of Chris .R Notarile’s Tiffany + Chucky series comes in. With a knife and some loving prodding, it shows how Tiffany encouraged her beloved to branch out a little bit, and become the more eclectic, silly murderer he’s known to be.

Released over the past couple of months, this series of fan films is worth a watch if you’re fond of Chucky’s brand of camp. These little films aren’t good in a traditional sense, but are good in the goofy, campy register of this brand of horror.

The new Child’s Play didn’t quite satisfy the itch for the sort of goofy bloody mayhem of the later Chucky films. Maybe these fan-made ones will do the trick.


[h/t Bloody Disgusting]

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Loquacious of Borg

I thought it was pretty good! I went back and watched the first one as well, the actress playing Tiffany definitely captures the character and channels Jennifer Tilly, especially in part two. Side note, I also checked out their Halloween fan films and thought they were also well done. Looking forward to checking out their other projects!